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Bountiful Elementary Dress Code 

Experience indicates there is a real and reasonable connection between proper dress and grooming and maintaining school discipline and effective learning.  In order to promote success at Bountiful Elementary, students’ dress must be within the parameters described below.

 Dress Code

  • All students shall wear their hair in a clean and well-groomed manner.  No extreme or distracting hair styles.

  • All students shall be required to wear clean clothing.

  • Flip-Flops and sandals are allowed, however; students should be careful when playing on asphalt or playground equipment. Gym shoes ARE required for P.E.

  • Shorts and skirts shall extend to at least four inches above the knee. (Approximately finger length when arms are relaxed.) 

  • No short shorts or miniskirts allowed.

  • No tank tops; shoulder straps on shirts and dresses should be at least 3 fingers wide.

  • Students may not wear shear blouses or shirts.  No shirts or blouses showing bare midriffs or bare shoulders are acceptable.

  • Clothing shall not be worn which displays obscene or suggestive words or pictures.

  • Clothing shall not be worn which advertises any substance which a student cannot legally possess or use, i.e. alcohol, tobacco, drug or gang related logos or artwork.

  • Hats may be worn inside only on special occasions. (e.g. reward, hat day, etc.)

  • Jeans worn below the waist or sagging are not allowed.  Pants should be worn high enough that underwear is not exposed

Students who violate the dress code will be asked to correct the problem and reminded of the school dress code. If continued problems occur, parents will be notified and asked to bring students clothes that do not violate the dress code. If a parent cannot be reached, students will be asked to put on clothes that may be available at school. 

Please make certain that your children are dressed appropriately for the weather conditions and activities. (e.g. gym shoes for P.E.) With few exceptions, students will need to be dressed so they can go outdoors during recess and lunch times. On exceptionally cold or stormy days, students will be allowed to stay indoors.